<VV> 50th celebration of Corvair introduction.

Vairtec Corp vairtec at comcast.net
Thu Oct 2 11:49:08 EDT 2014

While the 1959 introduction remains ingrained in my memory (my father 
and I went to the dealer than evening to see the radical Corvair), I 
also remember quite vividly the first new '65 I saw: The neighbor 
directly across the street bought a yellow '65 Monza as soon as they 

I remember being impressed with how HUGE the taillights were!  All 
Corvair taillights today seem puny, but in the Fall of 1964, the change 
from the early model taillights (which were plenty bright in their day) 
to the new '65s was striking.

But I cannot celebrate this anniversary as a 50th, as I own nothing so 
modern as a 1965 Corvair.  My newest Corvair is a '64.


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