<VV> Friction modifier additive for engine and transmison oils

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If you've been using synthetic oil, your engine is likely pretty darn clean 
on the inside.  If not, and if you add the MMO, you might end up with more 
leaks than you currently have as the sludge gets cleaned away.

I like 15W50 Mobil1 for a number of reasons.  One of those reasons is the 
1200 ppm of ZDP.  But, that is really a different subject.

Later, JR

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>I started using Marvel Mystery Oil in my fuel several weeks ago. I noticed 
>on the bottle you can also add this stuff in your oil which I haven't tried 
>yet. I have been using 10 W40 and I plan to use 20 W50 in my next oil 
>change to help increase the oil pressure but I notice I already have 
>increased oil pressure (5-10 lb.) as indicated on my oil pressure gauge. I 
>do not think adding MMO in the fuel had anything to do it. Will adding MMO 
>in my next oil change with heavier oil hurt anything? I do leak in some 
>spots. Anyone tried MMO in their oil?
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