<VV> CORSA merchandise at the Fan belt toss.

Dennis Pleau dpleau at wavecable.com
Sun Oct 5 01:35:51 EDT 2014

When I was on the Corsa BoD and my wife Debbie was the CORSA Merchandise
Chair, I would always bring a big spread of CORSA merchandise to the Fan
Belt Toss.

Dennis Pleau

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Hi All. Those going to the Fan belt Toss will find that Scott Howie, CORSA
Western Director, will be there selling CORSA Merchandise.  He will have
CORSA hats. t-shirts,Denium long and short sleeve shirts, and Tech guides
and other informative books there such as Bob Helt's Corvair Basics which is
a super book for any Corvair owner or lover..  If you don't have any of the
Tech Guides, it is best to buy Tech guide Volumes 1&2 plus Tech guide Volume
3.  Volume 3 is a supplement to Vols 1&2.  I have been using the Tech guides
now since 1988 and find myself using it many time a year.  They have helped
me keep my Vairs in repair and running for many a year.  And for those not
going to the Fan Belt Toss, Corsa Merchandise can be purchased through the
CORSA web site, corvair.org, or even contacting me at
air_cooled63 at yahoo.com. I cannot do credit cards., but checks made out to
CORSA which I send in to CORSA.  We will be going to Vairs in The Valley
Corvair show  in Maggie Valley NC this coming weekend  and will have CORSA
Merchandise there.  I will have with me several of the Corvair Basics there
that were slightly damaged in shipment  for the special price of $15.00
each, which includes the CD.  

For those living in the CORSA Eastern Division, my term as Eastern Director
will end this July.  I would encourage anyone interested in running for
Eastern Director, get together your resume and photo of yourself and send it
in to CORSA by Feb. 2015.  I will continue to chair the CORSA Merchandise
for a while.  

Now, I have a tech question.  I am working on a friends Corvair convertible.
I looked under at the front suspension and the ball joints have been
replaced by a hacker mechanic and they don't appear to be Corvair.  The
rubber boots are breaking away from the ball joint.  They were sealed into
the ball joint.  Has anyone seen such ball joints?  The car is hard to steer
and turn on corners.  I plan to replace them.   

One last question, what is the average weight of a early Corvair Coupe?  

Jerry Brown
CORSA Eastern Director
CORSA Merchandise Chair.  

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