<VV> Was-Space Saver Spare/Now-Dangerous Tires and Dangerous Posts

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Robo has an axe to grind with me. I know why, not the place to discuss, but a bit of maturity might be in order. 

Thanks for the props, Frank! 

That being said... 

Nearly all cars have a space saver spare nowadays. Meaning, we've all most likely have had to use them at one time or another. Given the millions of cars on the road with these things, the liability issues have been cleared by now. 

One advantage Corvairs have, they typically don't weigh as much as modern cars, improving the safety markedly. 



John Roberts


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What deadly advise did John offer?

He offered three sources to read about space savers so one could do
research and make up their own mind. Like you did.

His last words are " the dry grip was not impressive!!"

Also, he was talking about a special case of ALL FOUR tires being space
savers, therefore a matched set.

You are talking about one space saver, that is the intended use, and
therefore not what the Car and Driver article addressed.

Frank DuVal

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Dear VV,
Please excuse the length but someone has offered  potentially deadly advice 
and it needs to be addressed.


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Given there seems to be more  folklore than fact, here's some informed 
articles on Space Saver spare  tires:




I  can't find it, but Car and Driver, well over 20 years ago, did skid pad 
tests  with a couple of cars with 4 space saver donuts each. They were 
surprised how  well they did, but then again, they were expecting (as was
I) to 
have a really  poor handling car. The handling was fine, the dry grip was

John  Roberts

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