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hallgrenn at aol.com hallgrenn at aol.com
Wed Oct 8 14:18:26 EDT 2014

The Corvair Flipping Reputation.  Like all apocryphal knowledge the Corvair flipping reputation doesn't deserve to be repeated (unless it happens in the Bermuda Triangle where of course everything and anything can happen:)).  

Our cars may spin out (rear end first), but so will ALL cars if their limits of adhesion are exceeded, but Corvairs are LESS likely to flip than their contemporary vehicles.  We should always rebut this 'flipping" nonsense citing the NTSA study what could not make the EMs or LMs flip--when other cars did.

True we don't have modern safety features and the build strength of current cars (though the EMs and FCs seem to be stronger than other early '60s cars), but a properly maintained Corvair will handle as well as or better than the best of todays cars.  ....and our cars are still great fun to drive.

Bob Hall
Group Corvair

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