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MarK Durham 62vair at gmail.com
Sun Oct 12 16:20:08 EDT 2014

Attached are 2 pictures of the car and close-up's of the new wheels and
whitewall tires. Apologies for the ugly guy taking the pictures seen
                           in the hub caps. It's a beautiful sunny day here
in Hauser Idaho, but fall is in the air and its 55 degrees F out.
                           Yes, those are 6 foot tall Tomato plants still
producing in the greenhouse behind the car!

What they are:   Wheel Vintiques 14 x 6 with 4 inch backspacing and 4 x 4.5
bolt pattern I powder coated locally to Cardinal Red.

                           For the rear: 2 ea 205-70R14 radial tires with
1" (1 3/16" actual) WW from Calli Tire and Wheel www.callitw.com.
                           These tires are slightly bigger diameter which
gives 61.3 mph when reading 60. They are also 10% wider
                           for the look I wanted and with the 4 inch
backspacing they fill the fender out perfectly.

                           For the Front: 2 ea 185 75R14 radial tires with
1" (1 3/16 actual) WW from Calli Tire and Wheel www.callitw.com.
                           To keep steering effort the same, I kept the
width of the tire the same. This tire is .2" bigger in diameter, not
                           but the 4 inch backspace moves it out a bit,
again, looking nice on the car.

                           The tires are a Runway Enduro, have an A and A
rating for wear and temp, with a UTOG of 460.
                           They certainly look as good quality as
the Hankook's I have been driving.

                           If you haven't read my previous posts Calli Tire
buys the tires and vulcanizes the 1-3 inch virgin rubber whitewalls on to
the tires.
                           I am pleased with the quality of their work, the
tires themselves and how the slightly wider WW's look on the car.

                           SS stepped Trim Rings and SS 43-47 Chevy Hub
Caps to match the wheels.

                           My overall goal was to take the car back to a
more vintage look that the Early body style could support
                           and I am very pleased with how it turned
out. Plus, it drives great! :):)

                           I used Clark's std rear coils and the shortened
coils for lowering the front ends of convertibles found on page 150A of the
main catalog.
                           Measurements to the chine line are 30 inches
left and right at the front wheel centers, and 31 inches at the wheel
centers at the rear.

                           The mechanicals on the car are now fully
restored. Other than a few cosmetic touches to exterior and interior paint
and engine bay, the car is done and
                           drives beautifully. So, what am I going to do
with my extra time? Drive the car, tinker with it here and there, and there
may be a show or two in the future.

Mark Durham
Hauser, Idaho
62 Monza coupe Red/Red 4 speed
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