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I don't know, Tim.  When I was looking for a Rampside ~15 yrs ago, I 
traveled some long distances and spent 2 yrs looking for a decent one.  I 
saw several (at least a dozen) hopeless cases during that time.  Don't 
forget that in their day, they were thought of as work trucks that were to 
be thrown away when used up.

Most got parked or scrapped.  Those that got parked (the majority I suspect) 
turned to rust.  How many out of ~18,000 built do you think might yet 
survive?  I have a hunch that it is less than 1,000 in decent - drivable 
condition and maybe another few hundred that are on the way to the scrapper, 
but the owner is just not ready to admit that.

Later, JR

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> Yes. (All Rampsides are good). Tell us more of what you are after. And 
> your location.
> Timothy Shortle in Durango Colorado 81301
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>>Anybody know of any good rampsides for sale?

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