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> Does anyone have a good suggestion for replacement hose clamp for the turbo
> outlet-intake cross-over pipe hose?
> The original Chevrolet clamps really don't provide a good seal; at decent
> boost levels, there's a fair amount of leakage.  If you try to tighten them
> too much, the bolt flanges bend.  And that leaking air/gas mix goes
> directly into the heater!
> I've used standard SS radiator hose clamps, but just about all the ones in
> the local parts stores are pretty junky.  I've looked at -- on line -- the
> Summit Racing "T-Bolt" hose clamps and they look pretty good.
> Does anyone have any experience with them or have another suggestion?
> Thanks in advance.
> Jim Simpson
> Group Corvair
> 66 Corsa turbo
 Jim- I gave up on the stock clamps once I got up to around 12psi boost- It seemed like that's about all they would take before leaking, and as you found, trying to tighten them further merely bends the bolt flanges- I found a nice clamp from a Marine 
Hardware store locally- they are like a standard hose clamp except there's no slots cut into the band- they are formed indentations in the band and are much stouter and better looking than regular SS radiator hose clamps- here's a picture of
the style I'm using that I found online: http://www.hardin-marine.com/popup.aspx?src=/images/Product/large/100-720-6306.jpg
I've taken them up to over 18psi boost with no problems. The site that the picture came from also has the T-bolt style, probably close to the ultimate in band type clamps! 
Kevin Nash
63 Turbo, daily driver, EFI

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