<VV> Assistance with DMV registration

James Dunham jd.3 at live.com
Thu Oct 30 23:49:10 EDT 2014

When the CA DMV called me a couple of weeks ago about my black plate order,
I was told that they expect to start production around the middle of next
year.  The black plates have passed the threshold number, but not the
yellow or the blue.

The threshold is 7,500 by January 1, 2015.  So far, the numbers are:

Yellow  2,200
Black  11,500
Blue      1,786

James Dunham
Santa Clarita, CA

On Wed, 29 Oct 2014 19:24:18 -0700, Larry Forman wrote:

> Today we made progress getting a classic vehicle registered with the
> PROPER VIN number where the DMV was not helpful in CA at ALL!
> ...
> We also learned that California will eventually make these in the period
> correct colors and there are three colors they are waiting for
> sufficient orders of ALL three colors before they will start making
> those plates.  So once we have the white plates personalized as we want,
> we will later be able to swap them to the period correct colors.

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