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hank kaczmarek kaczmarek at charter.net
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I used to think (back in the 80's) that Charlie had a couple stripped bolts 
above the neck.  I was lucky enough to meet him in Flagstaff in 2002.  Just 
another Corvair "Character",  and got a couple of sweet deals from him 
there, as well as sitting outside and talking to him for a couple of hours. 
Those of you that only knew him from his ads---You truly missed out.


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I've always said that the one ad slogan for Corvair that hit the nail on the 
head was 1966's "A Most Unusual Car For People Who Enjoy The Unusual".  I 
think we can agree that Charlie Dye seemed to enjoy the unusual and those of 
us who met him or had business dealings with him to acquire parts for our 
most unusual car would agree that Charlie has been an asset to the hobby and 
we enjoy the unusual that shines through him. 

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