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I seriously doubt the aftermarket starter actually uses a Bendix drive.  You also said no spring is involved.  What keeps the gear from grinding on the ring gear all the time?  A true Bendix uses a spring.
The drive in a standard Corvair starter is commonly referred to as a Bendix although it technically is not because it uses a spiral shaft to keep the gear engaged.
Are you claiming that the aftermarket starters ram the fully spinning starter gear into the ring gear and just count on inertia to keep it there?  No solenoid action?  If that is how they are built I wouldn't want one.  That would be really hard on the teeth.

Joel McGregor

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 The stock Corvair Starter DOES NOT use a "Bendix Gear" assembly to engage the Starter!
The Hi-Torque Starter uses a 'Bendix Gear' assembly that uses the Starter Motors rotation to make the starter gear engage the flywheel gear. When the engine starts the flywheel gear 'throws' the Bendix Gear back to the Starter. There is no spring involved and I believe it takes the 'kick' from the flywheel when the engine starts to return it to its 'normal' position.
If the engine doesn't start the Bendix Gear may not return to is 'rest' position! 
Dale Smiley (oldqmguy)

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