<VV> Corvair Starter

Dale Smiley dale_smiley at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 10 12:43:19 EDT 2015

 If you look at a cutaway drawing of the Corvair Starter you will see that the Solenoid is mechanically connected to the "starter gear" and is what engages AND disengages the 'pinion gear' (small starter gear) with the 'ring gear' (flywheel/torque converter gear)! This is very different from the Bendix design and patent!
A true Bendix starter uses the helical shaft to engage the pinion gear to the ring gear when the shaft spins! I see that on later designed ones a small spring is compressed when the pinion gear moves 'out' on the helical shaft and helps it return to 'normal' when the shaft stops turning.
The new Hi-Torque Starters use a 'true' Bendix drive (with a return spring) and NO solenoid!
I still believe that IF a 'pinion gear' won't release from the 'ring gear' when the starter motor stops (and assuming the engine did not start!) it is because the engine is 'binding' in some way and there is pressure applied that won't release the pinion gear!! This is for a Bendix drive. 
If you have a problem with the normal Starter it could be the with the solenoid or other internal mechanical problems OR it could be the 'binding' described above.

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