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Otb Customs otbcustoms at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 13:33:56 EDT 2015

Hey ya'll,
I wanted to give a lil info on the corvair I'm working with. It'd a friend
of mines car , his name is Charles, we work together in a lot of projects
and he does some really nice airbrush work.
The car is supposed to be for him ti cruise and also to generate business
for the shop I'm tryin to open doing custom projects and modifications
It'd a 62 2 door monza 900 with 110 and pg trans.

I'll be swapping in a pair of worked 140 heads with a chenwith single carb
intake mated to a Holley 500cfm carb thats been tuned for corvair motor by
Rick walker I think his name is supposed to be a big name in NASCAR and
other racing circles, I hadn't heard of him but got the carb and intake for
less than a used carb. I also hahe a Otto 10 custom ground camshaft I'll be
putting in, as well as a set of 3.89 gears in the rear end, a remote oil
cooler up front, dual 3" exhaust, front disc conversion and 5 lug
conversion in rear most likely will keep it drum in rear as I've heard
isn't much improvement over drums in rear. And will tuck 17" racing wheels
all the way around.

The main parts I'm needing is the stuff fir brakes , specifically a set of
fc rear drums , and maybe axles, a set of late model front spindles and
back plates, or possibly a used front end.

I will also have a bunch of take off parts to sell / barter

I'm pretty handy as a mechanic but am all self taught, I build custom
projects from computers and game systems, to guitars and arcades, and even
custom bikes and now cars. This is the first big build of a car that I've
done so far though.

I found out abt levair performance when looking for disc conversions, but I
think I'll keep it drum un rear, will the fc or van stock brakes handle 17"
wheels without converting to disc in front for street use.

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