<VV> Noisy lifter

Jim Waddell wadde001 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 18:31:36 EDT 2015

My .65 Monza has a noisy lifter in the left bank. First one or two times 
out for the year
it is loud. I'm in Minnesota and I don't drive my convertible in the snow!.
  I use a full synthetic, pretty high viscosity oil (20w50) and it goes 
away ... eventualy.
Patience is definitely a virtue. It seems to take that lifter a while to 
Note: That may have been the lifter that bent the pushrod and broke the 
many years ago, but it has not given me anything, but noise since. So,
until something serious happens, I'm not about to dig it out and replace it.
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Jim Waddell
Northfield, MN

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