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I have no idea about the clutch problem.  180-70-13 are much smaller than the original tires and what your spedo was calibrated for.  The 80s will be much closer.  Corvair speedo's were optimistic, but not by that much.


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Question no. 1:  On a recent trip to Pittsburgh, PA (Irwin, actually) from Bedford, PA to pick up a tranny for the wifes' water pumper, (no one locally had one.  It's a "one year only" kinda deal) I noticed something unusual with my '60.  The PA turnpike mile markers said is was from 146 to 66 for a total of 80 miles.  Plus the mileage to the junkyard of about 4 miles.  (Just a guess)  When I returned to Bedford and filled up, my speedo said the trip was 90 miles out and 4 miles to the junkyard, for a round trip grand total of 188 miles.  By the turnpikes' mile markers it totaled 168 or so.  And something else that was a little odd.  When I cruised past one of those "radar gun signs" in a road work zone that broadcast your speed to everyone, the sign read 53 while my speedo read 58!  The '60 has a '64 4spd and axle, 3:55 gears and a Spyder dash.  The tire sizes are 180/70 13's on the rear and 180/80/13's on the front.  Now, the question is this:  would the difference in tire size be the reason for the inaccurate speedo readings, or should I look somewhere else?  Would changing the tires front to rear remedy the situation?  Inquiring minds want to know. 
Question no: 2:  What would cause the clutch to buck and hop when released after the '60 is shifted into reverse?  It only does it a smidge when going forward in first.  The car has a bolted flywheel, rebuilt pressure plate, and new disc from the Corvair Ranch about 10,000 miles ago.  The crank seal and input shaft seal were replaced then, too.  Again, inquiring minds want to know.  Thanx a million for your help. 
Randy (Cap'n) Hook

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