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Rats, Doug. You’re right.. Boo.  :>)  Folks, there were a couple of versions of forged steel as I now recall used, then for 140 cranks and as were turbo cranks, given the nitriding surface treatment.  A reference that is good for this discussion is “The Classic Corvair” by Bob Helt. 

Chuck S


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Chuck, which Corvairs had cast iron crankshafts? Both my 1960 manual and 1961 manual say the cranks are drop-forged steel. Do you have some other reference?


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I'm not sure what you are asking as I know you know about the different
codes (as others are pointing out). The only differences between coded
engines of a given year are those items that make it different from a
standard low horsepower engine. Blocks and rotating mass are the same (until
later smog years) with the exception of clutch pressure plate, and
crankshafts. For Corvairs, I should point out that crankshafts were first
cast, then forged and then nitrided for performance engines. The letters or
in this case, the R"B" refers to the cams, heads, exhaust, engine sheet
metal and distributor, the above clutch and crank items. Obviously those
things that go with a given head, like bigger exhaust stacks, gaskets and
log manifolds, intersecting sheet metal, and of course, carburetors, and
their intake manifolds are indicated.
And by now, most engines have been "messed with", so everything is suspect. 
What did I miss or forget?
Chuck S >>


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