<VV> tires

Ken Clark kcvair at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 15 14:25:16 EST 2015

Got my new white wall tires from Coker yesterday, nice looking Maxis, made in July of this year so haven't been setting around too long.  Wasn't comfortable with the ones one it when I got it as they were over 21 years old.  Still looked like new as the car hasn't been driven 1,000 miles since 1990.  I'm thinking someone replaced the original tires in about 1994 or 1995 as the car only had 44,000 miles on it when I got in in Aug.  I didn't see any other receipts in the car as it had almost everything else in the glove box including all the owners, and mileage at different dates throughout the car's life.Ken Clark 		 	   		  

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