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OK, I've got it and read it. First, it's not a book as it is only 13 
pages long; booklet maybe but better described as a pamphlet. It is 
poorly formatted and poorly written; it meanders more than it flows to a 
crisp conclusion.

There are literally dozens of technical errors even though the whole 
thing is only 13 pages long. That doesn't help his credibility and 
provides a calibration of his competence in researching his topic. I 
didn't count lines, but he seems to spend more time on the heater/CO 
issue than he does on the handling. I never liked the Corvair heater 
myself, but he was of the persuasion that people were passing out and 
dying from fumes and CO poisoning while driving Corvairs. There wasn't 
really any new info on the handling issue; he did cover the well known 
issue that GM bean counters cut needed handling improvements to save on 

He spends time on newspaper articles, comments from politicians, and 
supposed evidence that GM was holding back though nothing is/was 
technically proven. There's no comparative data on other vehicles of the 
time and corresponding death rates. In other words, his presented 
arguments consist mostly of opinion and hearsay. Most of his references 
are newspaper and magazine articles with no solid technical background.

PS...He mentions CORSA once (relatively neutral statement) and refers to 
the stock Corvair as a high acceleration sports car (???).

Mark N

On 12/27/15 2:56 PM, wrsssatty--- via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Can anyone tell me whether I could buy an e-book on Amazon, download it to my laptop and read it on my laptop (or print it out from the download)?  I don't have a fancy-schmancy e-book reader nor do I want one.  Basically, I think if a book is available only as an e-book it must be a pretty crappy book but, in this case, I'd like to find out for myself just how crappy!
> Thanks!
> ~Bill Stanley
> <I decided to purchase this e-book and just see what this guy had to say. It
> started out with the usual rhetoric about the Corvair. Sure there are a few
> things he gets wrong as he is obviously not a mechanical person. But a
> little over 1/2 way through the e-book he had continued to researched what
> was going on with GM and the NTSA in 1971-72 and the 1972 report we all like
> to refer to as exonerating our Corvairs. If his research is accurate and
> holds true we will all be surprised to know that even what was and was not
> said in the Corvair report was manipulated by then politics. Big surprise,
> huh?>
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