<VV> YH Core Plea

Grant Young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 30 13:32:14 EST 2015

Hello and a pending Happy New Year.
I am in need of some 1965/6 Carter YH cores or bowls. I have a couple of folks on a "waiting list" and have loaned an early to a customer in the meantime. I know they are out there, and don't understand why people are not willing to part with them, if for no other reason than to help a fellow turbo fan who acquired a project without a carb or with a modified one who wants to go back to stock. If you are keeping a spare, I will rebuild yours in exchange for it. I have cash or parts or services to trade as needed. Thanks for your consideration and a private reply if interested, especially during gloom period.  
Grant Carbmeister Young

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