<VV> Communique Trivia Question

Gary Moore tdrinkr at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 1 11:50:56 EST 2015

Just a reminder nearly all early, pre-1980, CORSA publications are available as pdf online at Corvair.org. These include:   
   - Most of the Chevrolet Communiques 1963-64 (includes 3 current chapters on its chapter list)   

   - Most of the newsletters from the CCA Corvair Club of America 1965-66    

   - Preliminary CORSA newsletters 1970-71   

   - CORSA Windmills 1971-72   

   - CORSA Communiques 1972-78   

   - CORSA Quarterlies 1971-78   

All publications archived are searchable (Character recognition was iffy on the early typed newsletters). CORSA membership and site log in is required to download items. 
Trivia: According to preliminary newsletter #2 The CORSA acronym hadn't been decided upon, but was narrowed to one of two phrases  "Corvair Owners Restoration Society of America" or "Corvair Society of America." Though George Domer, of Milton PA, writes in suggesting "Crazy Old Rusty Safe Automobiles."  

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