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Steven J. Serenska corvair at serenska.com
Fri Feb 6 13:51:19 EST 2015

> I went to E-bay and keyed in 'corsa dash'. 198 hits, and only ONE corsa
> dash. What BS!

I find that the key to a good eBay search is not so much what you 
include, but rather what you *exclude*.  To exclude something from a 
search, you put a minus sign in front of it in your list of search 
terms.  My Corsa Dash search is:

     corvair corsa ("dash ",dashboard) -"wiring diagram" -" Ad" -"crash 
sheets" -video -vhs -"key fob" -" LED" -socket  -Opel -"brake shoe"

I tend to add items to exclude as time passes when new items start to 
creep in that don't interest me.  LED is a good example of something 
that was excluded recently.  When I find that certain sellers abuse 
their listings by including the word "Corvair" in everything they sell, 
I exclude them from the results as well.

Also, the items in parentheses mean to do an "OR" for that part of the 
search.  In the above, the search will find the word "dash" either alone 
OR as part of the word "dashboard" since that's how some sellers list it.

The search above will return 11 results, all but 3 related to a corsa 
dash.  Try it and see if it works for you.

Also: If you use the above on completed listing, you can see what people 
have been paying for Corsa dashes for the past 6 months. The market 
seems to be about $50-110.


Steven J. Serenska

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