<VV> carb gumming

Matt Nall patiomatt at aol.com
Sun Feb 8 17:19:31 EST 2015

 Once again I am going to have to rebuild the carbs.  It's been down for other 
work this winter, and now it is gummed up and pumps are shot.  I rebuilt early 
last year.   
I suspect that it is the ethanol.  There are no E0 stations nearby in Waco.  Do 
you buy Avgas?  Do you use supplements?  Or what?  Please help. Thanks Rich 



No need to rebuild.....  just take apart and clean!  and if your car sets around that much  ad Sta-Bil  gas treatment....

Waco should not be a problem.... we have plenty of Vairs in your area  with no problems like that..

I'm in Oregon on the Coast and   just use E-10  with no problems... but then I drive them often..

Matt Nall
Charleston, Oregon



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