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Thanks Mark - Great idea. - Seth
(My race car grill is held on by at least 5 screws total. My patience  ran 
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Rear Air  Grill Mounting Aggravation
By Mark Corbin

When reinstalling the rear  air grill on a late model, across the top you 
have to put the screw on a ¼”  socket extension and fish around to find the 
hole. Then just about when you  think you’ve found it, the screw falls off 
the socket. Aarrrggggg! Back to the  drawing board. And all the time, you’re 
trying to hold the air grill up in the  air and aligned with the body. Don’t 
you just hate that?

Well, I’ve got  a fix for that. For years, I’ve scrounged a certain ¼” 
deepwell hex head screw  from anywhere I could find them. They’re often used to 
attach cable ends to  places like the heater control box, and on the LM 
perimeter seal retaining  strips in the engine compartment. They come in both 
pointed end and blunt end  styles and are the same thread as the original 
screws that mount the exhaust  air grill.

So I’ve been using these screws in place of the original  shallow hex head 
screws because they won’t fall off the socket as you’re  fishing around 
trying to find that elusive hole. The problem has been to be  able to find 
enough of these rare screws. 

But good news! These screws  are now available from Clark’s as item #C3400L 
for individual screws and  #C3400R for a package of 29 screws, and costs 
from 79 to 95 cents each. They  call them “tophat” screws, though I’ve always 
called them deepwell screws. But  whatever you call them, once you’ve used 
them on the rear air grill, you’ll  never use those original #@*&% screws  
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