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Joel McGregor joel at joelsplace.com
Wed Jan 7 11:39:44 EST 2015

I'm starting to keep more spares all the time.  I keep all 3 master cylinders, wheel cylinder kits, brake hoses, brake shoes, fuel pump, plugs & wires, Pertronix, clutch, clutch cables, bulbs, belts, carb kits and parts.  I should get some generator and alternator parts too.  Anything else I usually have used parts that will do until I can get an order in.
Everyone should have several Corvairs so if they do have to wait on a part they can just drive a different one.  I keep a couple of early convertibles ready to go.  I'm thinking about a couple of earlies with gas heaters for the winter.

Joel McGregor

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The point of having a spare is...  NO wait.
Later, JR

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