<VV> Was: Caveat and Question : Now who has Radiator caps for Corvair?

J. R. Read hmlinc at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jan 7 16:45:46 EST 2015

I thought that they took them down after I sent them an email a couple of 
years ago saying something to the effect that I would be hesitant to buy 
ANYTHING from them if they really think that Corvairs need radiator caps.

Maybe they've updated the catalog and put them back in?

The one on eBay is so silly that it is sad.  The cap in the picture clearly 
shows that it is for engine oil.

Later, JR

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> I'm pretty sure you can get Corvair thermostats and radiator caps at Rock 
> Auto also.
> They have web ordering and fast shipping too.
> Joel McGregor

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