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Since no one else has piped up, I will. Up to 1962 the Corvair cars had unpainted headlight bezels and wheelcovers. In 1963 both the wheelcovers and headlight bezels got the black painted highlights. <<From: "J. R. Read" <hmlinc at sbcglobal.net>
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I also noticed what I thought was overspray (may have been a reflection) on one of the bezels - hence my question.

They are easily removable - 4 screws and they don't hold the headlights in place so there would be no reason NOT to remove them for paint. I'm no expert on EM cars (except I have a '61 Rampside), but I think the one on the RT side is a '64 style. I don't know if there is any year which did not have black between the ridges, but I'm sure someone will pipe up on that question.>>

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