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Wasn't the complaint about a remotely controlled mirror?  Although, remote 
is a relative tern in this instance.
Later, JR

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Back in the late 80s I bought two OEM GM mirrors and they were not tight
either. The customer refused them, so I sold them to other customers who
wanted an OEM mirror and didn't need to see out of them. Just kidding, it
is a pain with the right mirror getting out of adjustment, but driving a
convertible in the summer, the left mirror is always at hand to adjust.

There was no external adjustment on the OEM mirrors to tighten them. One
could try to take the mirror out and do the internal adjustment.

Frank DuVal

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 yes, I ordered the second one and it was the same as the first one.
neither one worked sop I just forgot about it. it is the only item I have
ever bought from Clark's that I have been unhappy with. I think it is just
the maker of them cause my manual shows a tight up screw inside the door
that is not on them.

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