<VV> Dealer's oops

Sethracer at aol.com Sethracer at aol.com
Fri Jan 16 01:43:45 EST 2015

Frank DuVal wrote:
While looking at '75 Caprices, my Mom said, this one has side  moldings, 
I replied, not on this side!  
So -
Yesterday, I was having a recall fix applied to my car at my local  Chevy 
Dealer. I wandered around to the showroom - always a dangerous trip. They  
had two brand new Chevy SS Sedans (imports from Holden) - Both were  415HP, 
6-speed sticks! I checked out the Blue one pretty well, loaded but  no options 
listed. Then I checked out the second SS. Just one option, a sun roof . . . 
 on the  factory sticker. + $900 - Except that there wasn't one on the car. 
 Unless the whole roof -and the headliner - somehow disappeared somewhere,  
it was definitely a mistake. No sunroof! The salesman chuckled as I pointed 
 it out to him. I told him no charge for the correction!  Oops!  
(PS - Sticker on the SS was $45,600 - not including the  $1300 Gas Guzzler 
- Seth Emerson 

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