<VV> Corvairs are crummy cars

Vairtec Corp vairtec at comcast.net
Mon Jan 19 09:13:56 EST 2015

Has to be true, people say so!

Why have we begun "piling on" Chrysler with Wikipedia quotes and random 

If unattributed quotes are to be believed then yes, Corvairs are crummy.

If random anecdotes are to be the basis for judging a car then let me 
add the stories of the two bulletproof Aspen/Volare models used by my 
business, or the two Omnirizons that proved to be entirely dependable, 
or the seven Chrysler minivans that withstood salesman use, or the two 
Chrysler products that my wife and I drive currently.

In 45 years of vehicle ownership for my business and family, 
encompassing nearly 100 cars and light trucks, there has only been one 
that I might accuse of being subpar:  A six-cylinder Camaro, one of two 
Camaros that passed through.

Had a four-door Chevette -- a Chevette! -- that felt like it was carved 
from a piece of granite and never required repair of any sort in over 
100,000 miles of service.

I've owned Chevy-Buick-Pontiac-Cadillac-GMC and Saturn.  (Somehow missed 
ever having an Oldsmobile.)  Also Ford (but not Mercury), AMC, Dodge, 
Chrysler, Plymouth, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen.

The worst build quality was a tie between a Pontiac and a Chevy. But 
they ran without ever missing a beat.  The worst failure was one of the 
early Chrysler Ultramatic automatic transmissions in a minivan, but it 
was replaced under warranty.

Had Chevy Citations that were alleged to fishtail under braking but 
never did.  Plymouth Volares that were supposed to rust out but never 
did.  Corvairs that were supposed to spin out of control, flip over, 
catch fire -- but never did.

People can cite horror stories about any brand, and tales of 
dependability about any brand.  If you are going to trade in anecdotes, 
then you cannot complain when people offer them about those dangerous 
crappy Corvairs.


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