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I'm  redoing the wiring on my Corvair powered 68 VW Beetle, and would like
to  eliminate the regulator box. I have a rebuilt high output 100 amp
Corvair  alternator, 

and a  freshly rebuilt 10SI Delco alternator. Is it as
easy as swapping the rear  cover of the Corvair alternator with the rear
cover from the 10SI  alternator? 
Yes. There are several descriptions posted on line on how this is done. But 
 it is easy. Just use a tooth pick or drill bit to hold the brushes during  
The 10SI has the proper internal regulator so you won't have to "wack" the  
accelerator to get it working.
Bob Helt

I'm not  worried about the self exciting
feature because it's a Hot Rod and I can  just whack the throttle to get the
charging started. Thanks, Jeff  Bahret

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