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Research shows Wikipedia and other sources are fuzzy on dates Fidel Castro banned imports of cars and dates US banned car exports, 1960 or 1962.

According to The Detroit News, 12/17/14: 
After Fidel Castro seized power, only cars owned before 1959 retained full private ownership and new car imports were largely banned. Cubans could wait for years to get government permits in order to buy used cars.

Encyclopedia Britannica 10/30/14 says:
Batista fled the country on January 1, 1959. . . . In February 1959 Castro became premier and thus head of the government. 

Wikipedia shows:
In 1962 a United States embargo against Cuba was introduced, effectively cutting trade between the two countries.
A U.S. trade embargo, instituted in October 1960 in response to Cuba's seizure of U.S.-owned properties,[8] not only ensured that new vehicle exports would remain halted, but also denied Cuban motorists a direct source of replacement parts.
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