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Bryan Blackwell bryan at skiblack.com
Wed Jan 21 11:57:56 EST 2015

Hi folks,

There was a discussion last month about hotel reservations - thanks for the reminder, I got mine set up :-)

Since the convention is in June this year, we have one less month to get ready.  If your car is all ready to go and just needs gas and waxing, then you can rest easy.  But for some of us, it's time to get on those things "I'm going to do before the next convention".

After considering our options, we're taking the '62 700 wagon to Knoxville.  Last year I wrapped up the mechanical stuff I really wanted to take care of on the car, so I don't have anything on the critical list. I do have a number of things that are important to Ellie (my navigator), so there's a pretty good list for this spring:

- Leaking windshield gasket.  The windshield is pretty bad too, I have a good used one on hand.
- Defroster hoses are shot.
- Speedometer is um, vague.  Odo reads 20% high.  I have some parts to hopefully rectify those issues.

Seems like this will be a good time to repaint the dash!

Given the flaky speedometer, we didn't do the rally in Kalamazoo, so my primary focus is making the car work ok for the rally.  We also want to get a re-match with Gene Barr in the autocross (IS-1), so I need to decide if there are any performance improvements on top of that, Gene beat me in Kalamazoo by a couple seconds.  Who else is coming?  The fast late models in SM and Comp will run for the Yenko award, but there are bragging rights for "fastest early" :-)  I have no aspirations of winning anything in the car display, but having a more finished interior will make the car show better.  Sounds like June will get here fast!

This convention will likely have a big turnout - it's within a reasonable drive of just about the entire U.S. east of the Mississippi and the Midwest.  Who's coming?


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