<VV> Early Clock Repair Source

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Doesn't Fred Bybee work on clocks?

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I know nothing about the quality of their services, however, when I see a 
minimum of $29 for return shipping, that tells me to stay away.  Most 
businesses today charge reasonable shipping fees, based on weight and size. 
There are plenty of people that do clock repair, so if you shop around, I am 
certain that you will find one that is both reasonable for the conversion, 
and the shipping.
Paul in CT

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>I had the dashboard clock for my '69 DeVille converted by these guys.  I 
>it a number of years ago and it's working fine.
>Red line gauge and clock repair
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>Hello all!  The clock on my 64 Monza coupe is a non-working unit. I did 
>it up to find that the point-type contacts were fused together. So fused
>that there was significant pitting of the contacts themselves. Though I
>would like to keep it original, I don't think it would be the best solution
>in the long run. Anyone know a good repair business or person who can do a
>Quartz conversion? Thanks for any help!
>    Kelly Parker
>  Corvair Atlanta 

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