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He bought a couple of Monza Clocks from me in Nashville, So he must be doing something with them.

                                    Ed Lindsay
                                     West Florida Corvair Club
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Fred Bybee is quite alive and kicking! He was judging at the Concours  in 
Knoxville. This popped out of Google:
Fred's Classic Radios And Clocks  
7908 Gillette  St
Shawnee Mission, KS 66215 
Phone: (913)  599-2303
_Web:  Fredsclassicradios.com_ 

-Seth Emerson
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I think  that Fred did speedos so he may have also done clocks.  I don't 
him listed in the back of the Comminque either.  Was he at  Knoxville?  Or 
has he passed on as well?

Later,  JR

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> Doesn't Fred Bybee work on  clocks?

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