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Steven J. Serenska corvair at serenska.com
Wed Jul 22 14:42:21 EDT 2015


Comment 1:

> I recently experienced a violation of the First Law of Corvair
 > Parking. That is "If you have to park a Corvair on a hill for an
 > extended period of time (days), put the front end down". The
 > reason is that if you violate that law enough you will
 > eventually fill the crankcase with gasoline because of a
 > leaking carburetor needle valve. That seems to be a more common
 > event now that we have ethanol. I drained what seems to be a
 > few gallons of gas from a car that was parked in violation of
 > the law for only a couple of days.

Comment 2:

> Unless it is a Late Model Corvair with "flow through rockers" in
 > which case parking with the nose downhill can cause flooding of
 > the interior after a heavy rain.

My comment:

I once parked my '65 Monza on a very steep incline while vacationing in 
Maine.  The front end was up and it was a San Francisco-style hill 
leading from a bluff down to the harbor in this coastal town. I ate 
lunch and took a walk around the water, so it was only that way about 
2-3 hours.

I must have been low on gas and, at the time, the car still had the 
original gas tank.  When I started up and drove the rest of the way up 
the hill, the sediment in the tank made its way through the lines and 
into the carbs.  I'm not sure why I hadn't installed an inline fuel 
filter before that.

I now have two new rebuilt carbs and a new, sealed gas tank from Clarks 
and an inline fuel filter.

Regardless, that would be another reason to park nose down.

Steven J. Serenska

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