<VV> gear lube leveling problem

Dave Keillor dkeillor at tconcepts.com
Thu Jul 23 21:30:28 EDT 2015

I had a discussion with Mark, Clark's tech guy, and we ended up agreeing to
disagree.  He said that the gear oil matched the original GM spec for the
Corvair.  I said that there had been a lot of progress in lubricants since
the Corvair was new.  And there it ended.

Having said that, I recently switched from Amsoil transaxle oil (75-90) to
Brad Penn GL4 (80-90).  I was having some noise from the transmission when
the car was idling in neutral with the clutch disengaged and the transaxle
hot.  The noise was only audible from inside the car, so it wasn't a huge
deal -- yet.  Several people told me that they had a similar experience
with the lighter synthetic.  Today was the first trial and the noise seemed
to be gone and the shifting was still great (it's a '65 transmission).
More testing is required.

Dave Keillor

On Thu, Jul 23, 2015 at 8:11 PM, J Bruce Weeks <jbruceweeks at yahoo.com>

> Makes me wonder why Clark's doesn't sell something that works for both,
> given that's what's needed.
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>   *From*:"Dave Keillor" <dkeillor at tconcepts.com>
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>  Clark's sells the Amsoil gear oil, not the GL-4 transaxle oil.
> Dave Keillor
> On Thu, Jul 23, 2015 at 6:21 PM, J Bruce Weeks via VirtualVairs <
> virtualvairs at corvair.org> wrote:
>> Curious, why continue to maintain the 'communication' between trans and
>> diff? Given that it's getting harder to find lube that works well in both.
>> Corsa had GL5 in it when I got her and started suffering synchro clashes.
>> So I changed out to Redline and it cleared up. Then on VV I hear Redline
>> doesn't work with hyphoids. So I change it out (again) to Amsoil from
>> Clark's, as they recommend. Synchro clashes are back, though not as bad.
>> Why not put a solid (no hole) gasket between them and put Redline in the
>> trans, Amsoil in the diff?
>> Bruce Weeks
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>> Looking at a mated differential and transmission, without measuring, the
>> two
>> filler plugs look to be located about halfway between the lower two cases
>> mounting bolts.. Of course, if ideally they are exactly equally located,
>> and
>> the cast boss is large enough, it might be possible to have a filling
>> plug
>> hole drilled slightly off "up" or "down".
>> Chuck S
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