<VV> Gear lube level problem

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Joel, Smitty,
What you have stated may very well be true and thanks for your comments.  
But unfortunately you have change the subject of discussion. You have 
referenced  the Early model Corvairs (and '65) that came with that tag located at 
the tranny  filler port.
But the subject was different from that. We were talking about the 1968  
transaxle that did NOT come with a tag like the EM's. And the LM 4-spd tranny 
is  an entirely different one from the EM's.  In fact no references were 
made  at all as to checking and filling, except a general one in the SM. So if  
someone were highly knowledgeable like you, the checking and filling  
procedure is a snap. My hat is off to you.
 But for the average Corvair guy, it would be a big surprise to find  that 
the lube checking holes are at different levels. And maybe a big surprise  
too as to which one is at the lowest position in the transaxle. 
And so the dilemma as to which one to use for determining the correct lube  
level. Should I underfill the tranny or, over fill the  differential??????? 
    Also comes the question as to just  why Chevrolet didn't make an effort 
to put the holes at the same level and why  wasn't this checking procedure 
addressed in the Shop Manuals for the LM's? Or  maybe a tag included like 
the EM's?
Bob Helt
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Smitty  is correct as usual.
It says "Trans Fill Only. Check Oil Level at Axle  Filler Plug"
I fill the trans till it runs out, put the plug in and then  fill the 
differential until it runs out since that's what GM says to do.
I  usually give it a little time to settle and check again.
Joel  McGregor

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Smitty  Says   This may have already been answered.  If so I didn't see  
On Early trannys including 65 There is a 2.5 diameter disc (gasket)  under 
the fill port nut.  It says Transmission fill only.  Also says  check fluid 
level at axel servicing plug.  Or some words to that  effect.
This means to me that to service properly  you pull both  plugs.  Then fill 
at the tranny fill hole till it runs out the axle  service plug.  In other 
words the holes are known to be at different  levels and you should not fill 
at the tranny without pulling the axle plug and  not expect to top off at 
the tranny with the axel plug installed.  

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