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While it's true that the majority of the cooling comes from the converter spinning, the converter is also where the vast majority of the heat comes from so without the heat from the converter the transmission shouldn't even get warm.  I would be curious to see if it even gets noticeably warmer than ambient temperature.  Maybe someone that is towing will check?
Joel McGregor

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If it is a stick, don't worry about it, but move as much weight as you  can into the front trunk. Battery? (Spare should already be there!), or into the  tow vehicle, to limit the amount of weight on the rear wheels. If a PG, the  issue is that trans fluid will be circulating through the transmission, as long  as the rear wheels are turning (because a pump is driven when they turn, a good  thing), but the only cooling of trans fluid is the regular spinning of the  torque converter, and the integral fan during normal operation
- which it  will not be doing if the engine isn't running. Perhaps a midway stop for a long  lunch will allow the fluid to cool down for a while. Note that some people have  NEVER had a problem doing this. - Seth

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