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JackPinard corvairjack at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 25 10:47:15 EDT 2015

Okay, call me stupid.  But in 65 years of driving and towing cars I had never heard of any problem using a tow dolly. I had owned one in addition to my race car trailer.
So when '64 Spyder broke down in Vicksburg, MS, in 2012, there was no reluctance to load front wheels on a tow dolly to return home in California.
All was well for 1,060 miles, then a bump on road and left rear wheel, drum and axle left the car and disappeared into desert - never to be found.
The rear was loaded on dolly with some difficulty, and tow continued for 800 miles.
Debating cause of mechanical failure is of some interest, but ignores the obvious question. 
Why risk damage to a 50-year old $10,000 car to save $10, the difference in rental fee between a tow dolly and an Auto Transport trailer?
In my sad tale the answer was that it was a weekend and U-Haul did not have an auto transport available within 500 miles, and I was 1800 miles from home.
Two days of waiting would have cost far less than all the repairs to the Spyder.
So to all of you questioning the wisdom of using a tow dolly for your precious Corvair I repeat my advice, say "Goodbye Dolly!" Find another way.

Older than most (83)
But not always wiser 

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