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Wed Jun 3 07:28:56 EDT 2015

The older Ford tractors had 18 mm plugs along with many other old cars. Not 
 sure of heat ranges.
I have at least 2 sets of good 110hp FC heads here for sale  , just  need 
cleaning up. These are with rotators on the exhaust valves. I just do not  
feel comfortable using the big plugs on corvairs .I have seen it done , but  
looks like a butcher job.
The light problem probably has a blown fuse , easy to check for with a  
basic test light. look for a short at glove box light or under dash interior  
lights. But there are many places that possibilities , such as front parking  
light sockets falling apart and shorting. I fix those with epoxy instead of 
 cutting the harness to replace.
Regards, Tim Colson     see you at the Recall   then Knoxville.

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