<VV> VV , Corvairs, and farewell

Robert Paul barnaby at shaw.ca
Thu Jun 4 01:52:42 EDT 2015

Hello everyone.  I have had the pleasure of owning a Corvair for many years, and for being a member of the VV network for about ten years I think.  Today I sold my 66 convertible, my last Corvair.  I just came to the end of what I can do.  You have seen my posts on burning oil I'm sure.  I have had to pass the torch to a younger generation and I am sure they will hold it high and restore one of the best cars ever made ( in my opinion).  I want to complement the entire VV network for their help.  I was never able to go to a convention or a meet, or a gathering of any sort.  But I enjoyed hearing about what happened, what went on and who did what.  I have read virtually every post and enjoyed it so much.  I recognize many of your email names and know that some will be funny, some sarcastic ( in a nice way ) and some super helpful.  I think I was able to chime in to help some people some time but as we say in the navy, "Time and tide, they wait for no man."  So this will be my last post.  It is done reluctantly,  I might stay on VV just to see what things you are up to for a time, but like all things there is an end .  To all of you whom I have never, and will never meet.  Thank you , thank you , thank you.  Unknowingly, you have been my friend. I trust you will enjoy your rides as much as I have.  Cheers All, Robert Paul.

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