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Bryan Blackwell bryan at skiblack.com
Thu Jun 4 15:04:58 EDT 2015

Hi folks,

Central Virginia Corvair Club put on a great event for the 50th anniversary of the '65!  Ellie and I went down on Friday night after work to Lexington, Va., home of Washington and Lee University (originally Liberty Hall Academy), so we missed the welcome party but we were up bright and early to clean up for the show.

Saturday turned out to be just beautiful, the cars really glittered in the sun, with a nice bunch of the feature year cars in attendance.  In theory I was vending parts, but really just delivered some items and spent the rest of my time at the show and then the rally.  And a fun event the rally was, too, including a nice stretch of the Blue Ridge parkway.  We got to learn, among other things, the original name for W&L and Sam Houston's nickname.  Later I got to tease a few folks in their newer vehicle for spoiling the view :-)  The rally could be driven either quite competitively, or you could just go out and drive the course and enjoy the scenery.  Either way it was q good drive on a pretty afternoon.

That night were the Corvair games, which I unfortunately missed, I wanted to get everything packed so we'd be ready to leave Sunday.

Sunday morning was the awards and last of the raffle prizes and 50/50, which turned out to be an even $100. There was a nice PowerPoint with all the winner's names and cars, plus the answers to the Rally questions so you could figure out what you missed - my lovely navigator (drivers on rallies just do what their told) tied with two others at 1 question, three different questions too.

Then we were off to the autocross, Blue Ridge SCCA put us "visitors" in one run group together.  The event was at the county Civic Center, it had this great covered pavilion where you could watch just about the entire course.  By the end of Ellie and I running eight times between us nearly without a break the rear tires were a bit greasy, but it was great fun.

Kudos to Central Virginia Corvair Club, we had a terrific time.  Now on to Knoxville!


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