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Subject: 	[FC] Brake light problem on 69 Monza
Date: 	Sun, 07 Jun 2015 07:22:26 -0400
From: 	Michael Emanuele via Corvanatics <corvanatics at corvair.org>
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  Your light problem is most probably the turn signal switch. I just had
the same problem on my 66 Monza.
  The brake light circuit is actually two circuits. One for tail lights
and one make/break circuit for turn signals. The contacts in the turn
signal switch get weak and break after much use.and do not complete the
circuit correctly. The new switches are expensive for what they are
worth. I was able to rebuild the old switch by making new brass contacts
and fitting and forming them to the old switch. All of this was able to
be done right in the car without taking the switch out of the vehicle. A
little bit tedious to do but not all that difficult if you take your time.
  The lights and switch work great and it only took me about an hour or
so to do the whole job.
  Hope this helps, Mike Emanuele
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