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<Anyone see Hemmings Classic Car
magazine for October of ?14?  Was it only covering the Monza SS and those cars,
or was it also showing the Corvair mockups for the other divisions?  So far all
I?ve seen is the cover of this magazine and can?t tell from it.  Thanks
The cover story is on Chevrolet Concept Cars of the 1960s and the cover features a vintage photo of the Monza SS and Monza GT.  The short answer to your question is, no, there are no "Corvair mockups for the other divisions" shown.  The article is all Chevy concept cars.  Corvair-wise inside, in the article they include the Bertone design, the Pininfarina design, the Corvair Super Spyder and the '67 Astro.  There are also Corvette, Nova and Camaro concepts.  
If you're looking for a magazine article on the proposed prototypes for other GM divisions based on the Corvair, you should get the Collectible Automobile magazine from Feb. '67 which has a cover story on the Corvair and a sidebar article on those proposals for other divisions.  Several on ebay now with Buy It Now prices starting at $7.95.

~Bill Stanley

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