<VV> NOS Carbs for sale - Adv

Grant Young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 23 15:13:38 EDT 2015

I have accumulated a nice collection of NOS carbs that I am selling to folks who want that level of appearance in their engine compartment. Some are listed on ebay, but please contact me directly for a discount. if interested. Will accept cores on trade.  Thanks,
Grant Young, The Carbmeister

1964 Carter YH - as near to perfect as I have ever seen. Can be used on other years
1960 H   only 1
1961 H   2 pairs
1964 HV  only 1
1966-67 H secondary 1 pair
1968-69 H secondary 1 pair
1966-69 H secondary tops - many
1966-69 H linkage parts - lots

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