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Tue Jun 23 18:55:04 EDT 2015

        It must be concourse classification day at the International.

        Corsa's rules for "bone-stock" class are very strict.  Maybe 
they should be changed - maybe not. BUT as for this case -

        The classification judge has to follow THE LETTER OF THE RULES 
as they exist NOW.  If he had agreed to "waive a rule" because of strong 
protest by Bill and Mark what would be the result? EVERY PERSON at the 
convention who got bumped out of stock class for something - minor or 
otherwise - could make the similar arguments.
        And what about every person who got bumped out of stock class in 
previous conventions? What might they say about it? Would you blame them?

        Now perhaps Corsa stock classification rules need fixing - Then 
fix them. Don't wait until the day of classification and try to fix them 
then with pleas to the classification chairman to "bend the rules"..

       I miss all my friends at the national. Last year was so great I 
can't even put it into words. i had intended to be with you in Tennessee 
but it's just too much money for me.

       I have attended 30 (I beleive) Internationals and concours always 
bothers me - and it shouldn't. Concours should be a place where we 
proudly show our best Corvairs.  Unfortunately I've seen too many angry 
people - people who take it WAY too seriously.. Maybe that's to be 
expected from a class of people who have spent large sums of money and 
time on their car.  But when we forget the enjoyment of the hobby it's 
just too bad.  With such high emotions it makes it even more necessary 
to classify to the strict letter of the law.

      Wonder why I never volunteered to judge concours?

Lon Wall

From: Bill Hubbell <whubbell at verizon.net> To: Virtual Vairs 
<virtualvairs at corvair.org>, CORSA/CPF BoD <corsabod at corvair.org>, Corsa 
Chapters <chapters at corvair.org> Subject: <VV> CORSA blunder Message-ID: 
<EE38D3FB-7A98-4702-837A-3E83CFE62759 at verizon.net> Content-Type: 
text/plain; charset=us-ascii I've never been more embarrassed by this 
club that by what just happened today. The '63 White Monza Lambrecht car 
was classified into the Modified class for Concours - technically 
correct due to the incorrect size of his whitewall radial tires, but 
grossly incorrect for what is probably the last most perfect factory 
original car

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