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Kenneth Schifftner scrubbr at ix.netcom.com
Wed Jun 24 06:12:04 EDT 2015

I was involved yesterday in Unit 6, Operations judging (though not involved with the Classification).

Post classification, we judged over 50 vehicles. It was about 90 deg. F. in the shade of a parking garage. We had the inevitable issues crop up (late arrivals, incomplete paperwork, etc.) but whenever an issue appeared, the Concours managers (Jim Diel and Don Wagner) either individually or in common made decisions. Any Judge was empowered to bring any issue that might affect the quality of the judging to Jim and Don’s attention. The goal was to follow the Rules…but with compassion and fairness. I think we succeeded. 

Certainly, however, the Rules should updated.  Maybe starting with the requirement that people register properly by a certain cut off date and attend the Participant’s Meeting.

It is about 6:00 AM here and some judges will be at the Concours field at 7:00 AM to do unit 6 for the late comers. The Concours will  finish at about 4:00 PM. These folks volunteer to judge so that the event survives and CORSA survives. Focusing on fairness would be a nice place to start. 

I’ve judged at about 10 conventions and encourage others to give it a try. You’ll see amazing vehicles up close and work with a group of people who volunteer their time in support the events that keep CORSA going.

Ken Schifftner (NJACE and SDCC)

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