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Well said Bill.

Fred Marsh

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Let me set the record straight and end this discussion.  I am the one upsetabout this.  I am the one making a fuss about it. The owner was asked byconvention organizers to bring the car here (from Arizona), to show it atConcours, having been highly profiled in both national and CORSA publications. He did not seek to come here or to designate the car as anything in particular. He did not buy this car to bring it here and win an award. The provenance ofthis car is a matter of public record and is indisputable. The fact that it isessentially a 52 year old "new" car is not in doubt.  The condition of the caris amazing.  It offers a rare chance to look back 52 years in time to see how acar came from the factory - imperfections and all.  The knowledge it cancontribute to those few of us who have an interest in originality is a raregift. Frankly, the owner is not nearly so upset about this as I am.  Onceagain CORSA has demonstrated their failure to have a venue to recognizepreservation of originality.The fact is, the only official recognition givenby CORSA to original vehicles is the presentation of a Preservation Award, givento the vehicle(s) with the high score in either (or both) Stock classes(original or restored).  However, a car has no chance of competing for suchaward unless it can successfully run the gauntlet of classification, with allits arcane rules. Last time I checked, Corvairs were not delivered from thefactory with Coker tires, aftermarket splatter paint (which looks nothing likethe original), reproduction weatherstripping that doesn't seal or fit right, orreproduction batteries that are not "tar top"; yet all of these "modifications"are permitted under current CORSA stock classification rules.  Factory StockRestored vehicles can even be completely stripped and repainted. The factthat a car "fresh" from the showroom floor, but 52 years late being delivered,might need new tires, (or filters, battery, or even shocks, brakes, etc), is notsurprising and should not reduce its value as an otherwise original car.  Itshould be possible to see past those imperfections to note the value of the restof the car. Here is a car where you can see original paint, originalupholstery, original hardware, original overspray, original exhaust system,original tire (yes, the spare) - all in pristine, UNRESTORED condition. Tofail to recognize this car as something special - that is the point.  It definesour club as one that doesn't care about such things. Instead, we willrecognize those who over-restore, over-polish, and replace old, original partsthat could have been preserved with new, imperfect reproductions and we willcall them "winners".  We will celebrate the cars that drive the fastest, getthe best mileage, navigate tricky courses, have the hardest luck. We won't,however, recognize and celebrate our heritage - not even when it is staring usin the face.Bill HubbellPresident, Stock Corvair Group, and one of a fewremaining CORSA members who "give a damn" about preserving and recognizingoriginality. On Jun 24, 2015, at 7:20 AM, Bruce Schug via Chapters<chapters at corvair.org> wrote:Would someone report exactly what tires didthis car have? I know the rules in some classes are incorrect, requiring 175/80swhen 185/80s should be required, but if the owner wanted to present the car asoriginal, he clearly should have read the rules over and over and contacted theConcours Chair about any questions. The solution for him would seem to have beena set of Coker's reproduced bias ply 6.50-13s.Sent from my iPhone> OnJun 23, 2015, at 10:50 PM, David Clamp via VirtualVairs<virtualvairs at corvair.org> wrote:> > I saw the progress this car made fromfilthy to factory perfect on the web.  Truly amazing to have a factory brand new52 year old car.  To deny this car its proper place is utterly ridiculous. Ihave usually defended CORSA in the past and encouraged people to join, but it isthings like this that drive people away.  CORSA wonders why membership isshrinking.  Stupid stuff like this is part of the problem. Sticking to theletter of the law?  It's a car event, not a religion. > > David> > Sentfrom my iPad> >> On Jun 23, 2015, at 10:26 PM, Ned Madsen via Chapters<chapters at corvair.org> wrote:>> >> Couldn't agree more... CORSA isinsane!!>> >> >> But that's nothing new.>> >> >> >> -----OriginalMessage----->> From: Bill Hubbell via Chapters <chapters at corvair.org>>> To:Virtual Vairs <virtualvairs at corvair.org>; CORSA/CPF BoD <corsabod at corvair.org>;Corsa Chapters <chapters at corvair.org>>> Sent: Tue, Jun 23, 2015 4:31 pm>>Subject: <CORSA Chapters> CORSA blunder>> >> >> I've never been moreembarrassed by this club that by what just happened today. >> The '63 WhiteMonza Lambrecht car was classified into the Modified class for>> Concours -technically correct due to the incorrect size of his whitewall radial>> tires,but grossly incorrect for what is probably the last most perfect factory>>original car we will ever see again.  Mark Corbin and I made a personalappeal>> to the Concours chair to - just this one time - override the rulebook and give>> this car the recognition it deserves, but he stood on theletter of the law and>> refused to reconsider. >> >> Well, he does havethe original Firestone 6.50-13>> tire in the spare location, complete with thetwo felt pads protecting the metal>> underneath, the molding plugs unmolested.All the rubber moldings, bumpers, etc>> are in pristine, soft condition, themetal trim shiny bright, even has the drips>> and droops of glue and goopwhere the factory left them.  >> >> You will never see>> a car in moreoriginal and new condition as this one.  To call it modified>> because hedidn't drive it here on 52 year old bias belt tires is insane. >> >> >>CORSA is insane.>> >> >> >> >> Bill>>_______________________________________________>> Chapters mailing>>list>> Chapters at corvair.org>>http://www.vv.corvair.org/mailman/listinfo/chapters>> List>> use help,chapters-help at corvair.org>> >> >>_______________________________________________>> Chapters mailing list>>Chapters at corvair.org>> http://www.vv.corvair.org/mailman/listinfo/chapters>>List use help, chapters-help at corvair.org>_______________________________________________> This message was sent by theVirtualVairs mailing list, all copyrights are the property> of the writer,please attribute properly. 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