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mark at noakes.com mark at noakes.com
Thu Jun 25 09:56:27 EDT 2015

This car sounds worthy of something better than stock, and CORSA should 
consider recognizing it as such with a special award, whether at this 
convention or at some other event in the future. The National Corvette 
Restorer Society (aka NCRS) and Bloomington Gold both have special 
awards for original unrestored Corvettes.

Hopefully this car is on display today; I'd like to look over it because 
it is such an extreme and excellent example.

Otherwise I have little interest in staying stock. I started out long 
ago with a highly modified Corvair as my only car, then restored it to 
stock in the mid 80s when I had other vehicles, and then it just sat 
(from 1974 to 1985, I put 150Kmiles on it; from 1985 to present, I've 
put about 1000 miles on it). I finally realized that I'm only interested 
in modified Corvairs and am taking it back that direction again. My 61 
Lakewood was modified as well as are most of my water pumpers (Vette, 
trucks, 97 Jeep). My wife's 2010 Jeep unlimited is the only stock 
vehicle we have.

I'm not into angst, drama, and vitriol; this whole topic shouldn't have 
been so public. I think part of CORSA's problem is that many see it as a 
group of grumpy old guys. I know a handful of Corvair guys that don't 
belong for exactly that reason.

Mark N

On 6/25/15 12:01 AM, Tom Berg via VirtualVairs wrote:
> OK, rules are rules and they prevent the car's entry into Stock classification and a probable award? Maybe the committee should've made an exception, but the car's owner isn't too upset?
> I suggest parking the car in a prominent place with a sign saying what it is, and recognize it that way. Then get on with your fun.
> --Tom in Ohio

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