<VV> Impending death of Corvair hobby?

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Yes, Bill, Corvair owners aren't going away, they are just going away from CORSA. The people in charge of CORSA need to stop clinging to the "we have always done it this way" mentality. One big reason that CORSA's membership is dropping is because the people that have always done it that way are going away, either getting out of old cars or passing away. It is time to start to do things differently, in ways that will attract those younger Corvair owners.

Sadly, I don't see CORSA changing. That's why I left the organization. I've focused my efforts on my local chapter and attracting new members. In fact this past weekend we welcomed a couple new young members. I always go out of my way to welcome new members and not make them feel like this is just a clique of old members. Our club does not require CORSA membership to join. Our local club continues to grow.


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<That mentality will be the death of CORSA on the end and
lead to the death of
the Corvair hobby. >

I, too, used to fear/anticipate the death of the
Corvair hobby but after going on Facebook I realize that there are many young
people passionate about Corvairs.  Our Corvair hobby won't die in the
foreseeable future.  CORSA, on the other hand, I fear is dying.  And I am a
great proponent of CORSA and a consistent member since the early '80s.  Young
people just aren't joiners.  CORSA does need some fine tuning to give it the
chance to survive for as long as possible but I don't think the newer
generations of folks join clubs like the old guys did.  Too much free on the

~Bill Stanley

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